Regarding WJSLOT

It is widely acknowledged that WJSLOT is the most reputable, competent, and trustworthy gaming company with a valid license in Costa Rica. Our goal is to provide consumers with an excellent, varied entertainment experience. Apart from the question of whether online games are engaging enough, players are increasingly concerned about network security due to the growing market for these kinds of games. GeoTrust has acknowledged and granted a Secure Site Certificate to WJSLOT for its secure encryption technology. We guarantee the privacy and security of any information you transmit on our platform, including bank account numbers, transaction details, and personal information.


Its fundamental principles are integrity and fairness. As a seasoned online gaming business, we are overseen by tripartite verification units to guarantee that our players can experience top-notch data encryption and equitable game protection while playing thrilling and amazing games.

Variety in Video Games

We provide players with a wide selection of Fishing Games, Live Games, Poker, Slot Machines, Financial Bets, and other games in addition to top-notch Sport Games. At the same time, we are actively working to improve the user experience and add more new products. Players will be notified when a new product is launched.


Playing with WJSLOT, players have the opportunity to gain unexpected promotions every day. Users can participate in the promotion as long as they have played games during the event period, no matter if they are new or not. No extra application is required. Everyone has a chance to win a great victory.

Customer Service

In the highly competitive online gaming market, it is always the best choice for many players. In addition to a wide variety of entertainment products, we also provide players with professional and friendly services. We have the best customer service team available 24/7, all year round, and every employee in our company goes through rigorous pre-employment training. Our customer service staff is always ready to provide you with service through various communication methods.

Players’ Responsibility

It actively promotes gaming under tight control. Thus, players are required to be in compliance with our basic rules, which include the following: At least 18 years old Having full capacity

Accounts and Security

All bank transactions and online payments of our players that are processed by International Financial Organizations are always safe and secure (Data Encryption Standard SSL 128 bit). Each player is provided with only one ID and password, which are encoded by the most advanced encryption method. To be sure, all players’ funds are safe and secure. Our company ensures that it brings the players the most honest and safest services through our 24/7 customer services support. Players are always safe to sign in and play in our system. We are committed not to disclose players’ information to third parties (including the government).

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Amplifying the Experience: Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

Ensuring a Secure and Seamless Gaming Experience

Unwavering Customer Support: A Pillar of Wjslot’s Success

Conclusion: Wjslot Online Casino: A Premier Destination for Filipino Players

Your gateway to exciting gaming adventures is the Wjslot Online Casino.

Discover the Exhilaration of Numerous Gaming Choices

Wjslot: Not Just a Conventional Casino

All Set to Savor the Excitement? Join Wjslot today!

What are the strengths of WJSLOT?

-> WJSLOT is proud to be the first prestige online gaming website in the Asian market. Our company provides a lot of interesting gaming products, such as Fishing Games, Live Games, Poker, Slot Machines, Financial Bets, Cock-Fighting and so on. WJSLOT guarantees that all deposit and withdrawal transactions of our players are always processed promptly. Moreover, players are supported by our 24/7 professional customer service.

Is it safe to join the WJSLOT website?

->All information about our players is absolutely secured by our system abroad. In addition, we also request our banks, transfer agents, credit card institution, and our partners secure our players’ information for their transactions. All their deposits are considered commercial accounts and are not transferred to others.

What is the legal age limit to join WJSLOT?

-> legal age limit to join WJSLOT is over the age of 18.

Is it mandatory to register with a real name at WJSLOT?

-> For security reasons, players are required to register an account with names that match their bank account names. Hence, all deposit and withdrawal transactions must be submitted with their correct names.

What should I do if I forget the password to my WJSLOT account?

-> Please enter the WJSLOT website, then click on “forget password,” fill in all the correct information (user and registered email), and click “OK.”. Our system will send a temporary password to your email to sign in. After signing in successfully, you may change your password and use the new password to sign in next time.

Is online gaming legal?

-> In some countries or regions, it is against the law to play online gaming. In this case, you are required to be in compliance with your local laws. Should you have any queries, kindly consult with law advisors in your place of residence for more information. Our company shall not be liable for those who violate their local laws.

What documents are requested to make a withdrawal at WJSLOT?

Withrawal via local banks
In order to make a withdrawal quickly at WJSLOT via local banks, players must provide us with the enclosed documents as below:
-A copy of their ID card with a clear photo..
– A copy of their bank account number.
– A copy of debit or credit card ( including front and back side)
First time withdrawal.
For a first-time withdrawal, in order to ensure safety in accordance with the withdrawal privacy policy of WJSLOT, players are requested to provide our company with some necessary information. After that, the players are required to wait for our confirmation with our financial department for 3 office working days.
All above documents must be sent to our email at banking@WJSLOT.com

Do I pay a service charge when I make a deposit or withdrawal?

-> You may pay a small charge for service, depending on which method you choose. For this charge, kindly contact your bank for more information. Processing is free from your accounts at WJSLOT, whereas there are some charges for service processing by some banks, credit card institutions, or electronic wallets you choose. You may check the table of service charges at some banks where you make a deposit or withdrawal. WJSLOT does not receive any charges from your transactions.






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